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Organisation of incentive trips

Incentive trips are the best opportunity to meet people connected with your business. It’s a great reward and a trigger for further action that always works!

What is incentive travel?

An incentive trip is the most attractive way to spend time with colleagues, clients, executives and industry friends. It allows the creation of lasting bonds ties and team building. Thanks to unforgettable emotions, it stimulates imagination and creativity on a completely new level. It is on incentive travel that business development ideas, game changers and true innovations are born. Open yourself up to new emotions. Feel the POWER to act!

What benefits will an incentive trip bring?

Incentive travel is the most effective way to succeed. With such travel, you can achieve your goals in a very short time.

Builds bonds

Shared adventures, emotions and challenges, effectively build bonds and lasting relationships between participants. This allows us to integrate the team and identify true leaders.

Triggers creativity

New surroundings and heightened emotions allow us to perceive the business and the world anew. It is in these conditions that we begin to think out of a box and stimulate our

Motivates to act

Positive emotions, relaxation and inspiration always awaken the will to do. It makes us want to reach further and aim higher than before! This form avoids work fatigue and even
professional burnout.

Where are we going to?

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Why should you choose to travel with us?

At Ministry of Creativity, we have been helping to realise our clients’ goals for years. We create unforgettable journeys with our business partners!

Adventures like from the adverts!

Our incentive trips are real adventures. We will show you the most beautiful landscapes. We will choose the best attractions. We will stir up positive emotions.

Comprehensive approach

We organise trips from concept to completion. We help you choose unique destinations and
attractions. We organise transport, accommodation and everything necessary to create an unforgettable adventure.


We have many years of experience in the industry. The trips we organise are completely safe and secure. We take full care of our clients.

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